Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the availability of $16 million through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to support the design and construction of energy-efficient housing, as well as to complete similar improvements in existing buildings.

Improvements in energy efficiency, particularly in the construction of new residential houses and apartment buildings, is a “critical” component of the Cuomo’s nation-leading Clean Energy Standard, which requires 50 percent of the state’s power to come from renewable sources by 2030. Homes and buildings that take advantage of this support are projected to see annual energy cost savings of more than $9 million and total lifetime savings of as much as $180 million, as well as improved household comfort and indoor air quality.

“Ensuring New York’s buildings are constructed to the highest standards of energy efficiency is crucial to both our long-term sustainability and prosperity of the state,” said Cuomo. “Smart choices about efficiency can simultaneously save money and protect the environment. This investment promotes that principle in order to build healthy communities and save consumers hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Both programs support the incorporation of energy efficiency measures, such as increased insulation and improved air-sealing; high-efficiency heating, cooling, and balanced ventilation systems; energy-saving appliances and lighting; high-performance windows and doors; as well as renewable energy technologies. Approximately 75 percent of the entire $16 million in funding is designated for housing for low- to moderate-income residents, who are most vulnerable to high energy cost burdens and whose homes are often especially susceptible to the impacts of extreme weather.

Approximately $8 million will be offered to housing developers and builders of low-rise housing, including single-family homes and multi-unit buildings generally three stories or less, through NYSERDA’s Low-rise Residential New Construction program. The other $8 million will be offered to housing developers and builders of mid- and high-rise housing, generally multi-unit buildings of four stories or more, through NYSERDA’s Multifamily New Construction Program.

This funding is being made available through NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Fund, a 10-year, $5.3 billion program to support clean energy market development and innovation. This fund is a major component of Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy to build a clean, resilient and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers.

“To meet our energy and climate goals, energy efficiency must scale rapidly,” said New York State Chairman of Energy and Finance Richard Kauffman. “With this investment, New York State is driving progress toward a robust and self-sustaining market for energy efficiency, both in new construction and major renovations of older building stock.”

In addition to providing direct funding support, NYSERDA will identify and promote the use of collaborative techniques among housing development, design and construction teams to ensure that cost-effective design and proper construction of efficient homes is replicated throughout the state. The programs will also work to increase awareness and demand for zero net energy buildings, which are designed to produce as much energy as they use. These activities will support recent State initiatives to spur higher-performing affordable housing construction, for instance through the inclusion of a Passive House building track in New York State Homes and Community Renewal’sUnified Funding Application.

Energy efficiency programs are among the most cost-effective means to reduce carbon emissions overall in the energy sector according to a multitude of experts. Today’s announcement will also build on New York’s national leadership in green construction. New York ranks in the top 5 states in terms of the volume of green construction, which contributed a total of $31.62 billion to the state’s GDP between 2011 to 2014 while supporting 369,000 New York jobs, according to a 2015 economic impact study by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Applications to both the Multifamily New Construction Program and the Low-rise New Construction Program will be accepted for qualified projects through December 29, 2017, or until the funding is exhausted. More information on the Multifamily and Low-rise Residential New Construction Programs is available here

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