Archiblox attended the Australian Construction awards where we were humbled to receive the Australian Build Excellence Award for 2018. This award celebrates the outstanding contribution to Australia’s Construction Industry whether through radical innovation or sheer persistence. Thank you to all the judges, sponsors and the Australian Construction Awards for this amazing recognition, we are over the moon to receive this award. A huge congratulation also goes to all of our team, suppliers and contractors; we are filled we so much gratitude for everything you have done.

At Archiblox our main driver is to create a movement around conscious living – making big or little steps to counter environmental changes – and share the Archiblox vision of beautiful, sustainable, ethical, healthy and well-designed homes – that touch our planet lightly.

To achieve this vision, Archiblox are constantly re-thinking the way we carry out business. A strong focus is on technologies, like BIM (Building Information Modelling) as a means to help bring about competitiveness, innovation, off-site, lean & green construction and manufacturing in the Prefab sector. BIM allows our Archiblox designers to find optimal design solutions, that will improve the construction, performance and running costs of the design, and in this process, optimize the overall energy efficiency and sustainability of our construction.

In 2015 we designed and constructed the Carbon Positive House (CPH), which was the first ever prefabricated carbon positive house to be designed in the world. The CPH was created to free us of modern day lifelines and make significant contributions to society. Developed and created through innovative design sensitivities and new technologies, the CPH moved beyond carbon zero by making additional ‘positive’ contributions, producing more energy on-site than the building required.

We have molded many of our building practices around the learnings of the CPH and continued to strive towards minimizing the carbon footprint of the modular homes we design. We believe that we have a great opportunity to educate people and encourage our clients to think differently about how they can interact with their houses and the communities that they live in, creating healthy lifestyles, well-being, and awareness of not only their built environment but their physical one.

In 2017 we incorporated this philosophy into the design and construction of ‘Fit Kidz Kindergarten’ in Warrawee, NSW. The principles for this kindergarten were as much about playtime as eco-friendly design. The designs strategic layout and diverse play options encourage physical activity, interaction, peer learning, and self-learning. Simplicity, connection to nature, and being bright and comfortable, were all factors considered, alongside the inclusion of sustainable material choices and the exclusion of harmful formaldehydes and VOCs.

Sustainability for Archiblox is not just about our designs and buildings; it is a holistic sustainable business practice incorporated into our everyday business from our building techniques, processes and procedures, staff members, to our local community. We have been proactively evolving
our sustainable design and building methods for several years and will continually strive to grow and develop with new learnings and advances in technologies.

Receiving the Build Excellence Award really affirms that we are making a positive impact on the industry and gives us further motivation to continue to strive for innovative and sustainable excellence. We are extremely proud of everything we have achieved at Archiblox and are extremely thankful to all those involved along the journey.

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