buildakl_beontheteam_horizontal_lockupNZ and Auckland in particular is in desperate need of sufficient manpower to cope with building development and demands around the country.

Therefore, big building companies and number of associations have teamed up to launch the #BuildAKL recruitment campaign along with Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development. Which most of them are already presenting and attending the Auckland Build Expo.

Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development agency (ATEED) is facilitating #BuildAKL, on behalf of Auckland Council, seeking to help plug the gap by putting employers in touch with young people.

They can not only take part in the expansion and improvement of Auckland but can also be trailblazers – helping to leave behind old perceptions the ‘best’ jobs are hardy annuals like doctors, lawyers, accountants, media and the like.

To learn more about how #BuildAKL is contributing greatly to the building industry, learn how they are influencing on:
Social Media
Social media tapped to recruit jobless youth for the building industry.

Young People
Young people wanted in $18 billion growth industry.

4 Weeks’ Paid Work Experience in Construction & Infrastructure.

Want to be part of the campaign? Learn more here or attend Auckland Build, especially the first day for their presentation (10:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. 16th November 2016) which is the first and opening presentation.

We are also on Facebook – @ontoitAKL

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