Auckland Council says it has completed an “historic” moment in planning and reached all its final decisions on the Unitary Plan.

The council’s governing body finished four days of deliberation over the plan and will notify the public of its decisions this Friday.

That will be followed by a 20 working day period during which people can appeal those decisions.

A council media release says: “Today’s milestone means that, after four years in the making, Auckland now has a new single set of planning rules to manage the city’s future growth.”

Key decisions made by the council:

  • More than 400,000 new residential homes can be built over the next 30 years
  • The Auckland Rural Urban Boundary will be expanded to open up more land for development
  • More intensification of the existing city, with houses of up to three storeys in the suburbs, and up to six storeys close to town centres and transport hubs

Auckland Mayor Len Brown said the decisions on the Unitary Plan were passed with a high level of goodwill.

“My colleagues are to be applauded for their positive manner, as is the public for allowing us the space to deliberate accordingly.

“We now have a very finely balanced plan which will ultimately deliver for the benefit of Auckland.  I also salute the outstanding professionalism of council staff.”

Via Newshub. Read the full article here.

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