What are your main projects that you’re working on in 2016?
Our most notable projects are a collection of important buildings that have added to public infrastructure across the UK. From the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and 110 Queen St both situated in Glasgow to the new flagship V&A Museum in Dundee.
Further south we are deployed on the Milton to Whitby joint bay/roadworks for Interserve as they look to service the east coast power grid.
Last to mention is our connection with Shell Petroleum as we are now servicing numerous service station refits across the UK for FOX Construction.

Specifically in the north of England, what opportunities do you see within the next 3-5 years for Avantgarde Scotland?
We see the potential for growth in the security market by broadening our service and product line. To this end Avantgarde can now offer conventional security guarding, the latest CCTV Towers and a full Facilities Management service. We believe that a modern supplier should be adaptable and diverse, solving problems over various services.
One contact, one invoice, one company.

How do you believe CCTV systems have developed over the last few years and where do you see them going in the future?
Watching the CCTV market boom in the last few years, we saw an opportunity to develop our business as well as service our customers. We are proud to have been at the front of an industry growth and currently have approximately 200 CCTV towers deployed nationwide that are fitting to both the budgets and requirements of our clients.
To see what role CCTV will have in the future you only have to look at the ever increasing labour costs. As conventional manned guarding becomes more expensive companies will be looking more to technology to secure assets.
With the latest available technology becoming more effective we feel CCTV will find itself an increasingly obvious choice for clients when looking to purchase a reliable security. The state of the art equipment coming onto the market place today is getting more and more intelligent all the time, which is good news for our customers as we tirelessly integrate updated components across our product range.

What do you view as the main challenges with the UK security industry?
The biggest challenges we see moving forward are budget constraints within the security allowances when tendering process begins. As we know, labour costs will only rise and unfortunately budgets do not. It is our responsibility to source cost effective security solutions while keeping in mind the clients budget allowances.

We’re delighted that you’re exhibiting at North England Build, what do you hope to gain from the event?
We hope to have a platform to engage with a greater client base in North England. Offering a turnkey solution like we do, we feel we have a unique product that covers more than most. We see the North of England as a burgeoning area for both private house builders and major construction companies alike and feel we can bring something different to the marketplace

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