Throughout my work experience week with Mace I was based with the marketing team but this doesn’t mean I was always in the office! I ventured out to help the Mace Foundation with their chosen charity of the year – Mind – and visited Mace’s project sites.

Each day I worked standard hours, allowing me to adjust to a real working environment, something which I haven’t done before. A lot of people my age haven’t!

I had a Mace mentor who I went to for help and advice but the whole team was incredibly friendly and open to any questions or curiosities I had about working in the department.

I was kept busy throughout the week with relevant tasks, teaching me how to keep to deadlines, engage in meetings and create relevant content. This allowed me to participate in other work outside the marketing department, gaining a rounded view of what it’s like to work in the construction industry.

During my time with the Mace Foundation and Mind charity, I went to east London to help film and interview Mace staff volunteering there, as well as those who regularly volunteered at the shop. I enjoyed seeing what Mace does outside of the office and being able to broaden my knowledge of job prosperities. Later in the week I went onto the 1-19 New Oxford Street project site to interview a member of staff. There I observed how to deliver interviews so I could do two interviews myself later that afternoon at 7-10 Hanover Square.

At 1-19 New Oxford Street I was given a site tour where I was able to learn how construction sites work. I asked several questions which everyone was happy to answer, making me comfortable enough to ask more!

I feel like I was trusted and treated as a Mace employee and appreciated the fact that every single person treated me as a true part of the Mace workforce.

During the last two days I was able to gain experience in writing and how to write for different audiences. I also got to see where my work was going, which made me feel like what I had produced did matter.

I got to speak to staff members about their jobs and opportunities at Mace. I was especially interested and surprised by the range of jobs available and that not all of them require an advanced knowledge in construction.

This has made me realise that I don’t need to particularly specialise in a certain degree to break into different industries, which has opened up a whole range of options and job options that I didn’t even know were available to me.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my week with Mace. I have been faced with challenges and new work to complete every day. Visiting the project sites was a particular highlight as not only was I able to see the construction of buildings physically take place but the variety of people I met broadened my knowledge of the construction industry as a whole.

I am especially thankful to all those who took time out to answer my many questions. I have had an amazing week and hope to come back again.

Caitlin Simmonds, 17.