There’s a new subway system in town. It’s cheaper, more convenient and probably cleaner — but unfortunately it only exists online.

“Brand New Subway” is an internet game that allows wannabe urban planners to lay out their own subway system. The simple simulation offers instructions to click and drag subway lines into place, either starting from scratch or adding onto older iterations of the colorful maps.

It’s perfect for the bridge and tunnel types ardently wishing for a subway line into Jersey or for the Bushwick residents hoping to avoid the doom and gloom of the impending L train closure.

Designed by New York-based electrical engineer Jason Wright, the game uses available data — census numbers, jobs and transit demand — to figure out the estimated ridership for any virtually created station. From that, it figures out system-wide ridership numbers and from estimated construction and maintenance costs, it calculates a single-ride MetroCard fare.

Those numbers are combined to assign a letter grade for each virtual subway creation. For point of reference, the current system gets a B.

The fascinating fantasy subway simulation was created for the “Power Broker” design competition, which challenges entrants to make the epic 1,336-page biography of NYC urban planning great Robert Moses into something interactive and playable.

The top prize is $2,000 — but, sadly, entries closed back in April. Winners will be announced in early September.

View original article here via NY Daily News by Keri Blakinger

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