As the construction industry continues to boom, we cannot overlook the advantages that new and advanced technologies have brought to the construction industry over the last few years. It is also important to educate ourselves on what new-age marketing tools are available out there to coincide with the growth.These include 3D concrete building, kinetic/ solar roads and self-healing concrete to name a few.

Despite the growth of smart technology and connectivity across the world and Australia, the take-up of new construction related technology has bene some what stunted. This is despite their potential to develop and greatly enhance the construction industry. The growth in software and desing platforms has been revelationary, the innovations in BIM have bene hugely significant. Whilst for the AEC industry the growth has been seen in the form of computer software or tablet apps, purpose-designed PDF editing, markup, measurement and collaborating set of tools.

The industry is changing rapidly and it is important to educate ourselves on what is being used in the market – or we will be left behind. Take up in Australia is lower by industry standards than seen in other major cities throughout the world. Digital portfolios can be better accessed and shared in a platform resembles a social media platform. David Roberts from David Roberts Graphics (DRG) proposes that if those can be utilized, it can reduce project costs, maximize project efficiency as well as providing money-saving solutions for clients. The advantages of reducing paper usage by up to 85% and speeding up project communication by 60% will significantly serve well for the AEC industry.

Tools like Houzz are visually driven, it is critical to showcase construction, architecture and building work in the best light possible and investing in high-quality photography. Houzz, one of the official event partners of Sydney Build 2016 construction expo, is the leading platform for home renovation and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. The platform connects millions of users, design enthusiasts and improvements for the AEC industry. DRG will also be exhibiting at Sydney Build.

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