In New York City, as in many cities worldwide, residents rely on the subway system to get around. But despite its importance, there are still plenty of locations throughout the city so difficult to get to, it’ll leave you cursing, “Who designed this thing anyway!?”

Now thanks to a new game from engineer Jason Wright, you have a chance to correct the design flaws of the current system – virtually, anyway.

The game, titled “Brand New Subway,” starts with either a blank slate, or with preloaded versions of the present map, the planned 2025 system, or the system depicted in the famous 1972 Massimo Vignelli-designed map. You’re then able to add new stations off of existing MTA lines, or to create a completely new line of your own.

The game will grade you based on your system as you go (the present-day map receives a “B”), based on overall accessibility.

You can also input any other city and create your own system from scratch there, using the traditional New York City designations.

Check out the game for yourself, here.

Via ArchDaily, read the original article here.

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