The challenges to deliver housing growth are significant.  The lead-in time for many programmes is years; every step in the process takes time and requires numerous agencies to act in a coordinated fashion to overcome barriers.  Many communities are still concerned over the adverse impact that housing development can have on their local communities.  But there are some emerging great examples of partnerships that are delivering great outcomes, at scale that can, if reproduced across the country, make a real positive impact to address our housing need.

The Government’s Housing and Planning Bill, following on from the National Planning and Policy Framework, reflects a commitment and strategy to deliver a step change in housing delivery in building new homes in the UK and alleviating the housing crisis. However, a lack of resources and barriers to growth at local authorities and housing associations, alongside added bureaucracy in the process means that the construction of new houses has been a struggle for developers and housebuilders alike. As a result, many are unsure where to start.

This Keepmoat whitepaper identifies a new approach to housebuilding partnerships, showing how collaboration, transparency and investment in the right areas is creating homes and neighbourhoods people really want.

Via Keepmoat. View original article here to download a copy of the whitepaper.

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