With the region and the country as a whole under construction. There is an urgency for more housing and infrastructure to carry an ever-increasing population.

Granted, it will now rely heavily on related businesses to supply and fuel the momentum.

Richard O’Brien of nzbizbuysell says commercial opportunities abound in booming construction times – especially if you are in the business of providing the likes of windows, plumbing, electrical, appliances, carpet, joinery, concrete, timber and hardware.

The list is never-ending; from doorknobs to driveways, quality products and workmanship will be sought after in ample quantities. Labour services are in equally competitive demand.

Nzbizbuysell has a constantly evolving portfolio of businesses for sale in these sectors, listed by business brokers and private sellers. ”This could be a great time to buy an Auckland business that services this sector,” he says. ”Either directly or indirectly, there will be a lot of money pumping in – and now is the time to secure a slice of the pie.”

”Conversely, if you are looking to sell a business in Auckland, right now couldn’t be a better time, while demand is high, profit margins up and future sales looking good.”

A good example is the Christchurch rebuild which rode the opportunistic wave in the construction industry, with some companies still stretched to meet demand. Many businesses have expanded out of necessity. In similar trends, demand will only become greater in Auckland as activity gains traction.

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