Purchasing precast concrete from the UK yields numerous company benefits, and ultimately drives the national construction industry forwards.

The UK government’s 2025 construction targets refer to a 50% reduction in the trade gap between exports and imports for construction products and materials. Buying British Precast helps to address this trade gap and reducing the imports of construction products will help to enhance and sustain the UK construction industry.

More than 80% of cement, a key constituent in precast concrete is manufactured in the UK from UK sourced materials. More than 95% of aggregates, another key component, are sourced from within the UK and typically sourced close to the precast factory. Ultimately, the average travel distance from precast factory to project site is 59 miles – this equates to just a few hours’ drive compared to the longer journeys of products which have been imported from overseas [1]. Buying British Precast ultimately results in a shorter delivery time and lower carbon emissions from minimal transportation.

The concrete industry makes a significant contribution to biodiversity and nature conservation through the management and restoration of sites of mineral extraction. Over 6,000 hectares of priority habitat has been created to date on restored sites [2].

With an annual turnover of £1.3 billion [3], the UK Precast industry plays an influential part in the UK economy, directly employing 13,000 people in the UK [4].

British Precast, is the trade association for precast concrete manufacturers in the UK. All British Precast members are signatories to a Sustainability Charter, which ensures a commitment to strive towards a more environmentally friendly way of working. Responsible and ethical sourcing is easy to demonstrate for our members as their products are made in the UK from UK sourced constituents. A BES 6001 responsible sourcing certification on British Precast products validates this.

Precast concrete has inherent benefits that enable designers to deliver cost effective, materially efficient projects:

  • Non- combustible
  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Moisture resistant
  • Inert
  • Rot resistant
  • Good thermal properties
  • Good acoustic properties

For further information about British Precast visit www.britishprecast.org


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