Data Shows Christchurch & Canterbury Build is Recovering After Earthquakes

After three major earthquakes over the past seven years, construction data showed that the Canterbury build and building activity in New Zealand’s greater Christchurch area is still strong despite the recent earthquakes, Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister Nicky Wagner said.

“Within this is the Canterbury Public Sector Rebuild program, which is almost halfway through. This is a stunning achievement given the magnitude of the program,”

“Overall, the level of construction activity isn’t quite what it was two years ago when earthquake-related building consents were at their peak, but the numbers are still steady,” she added.

Canterbury Build

Following the recent tragic earthquakes and the Canterbury Public Sector Rebuild program, the statistics on residential and non-residential building indicated that the value of non-residential consents issued in March 2017 was $251 million. This is higher than that in the same quarter for the previous year.

The value of residential consents was similar to that of last year at around $400 million.

The value of building activity in Canterbury in March 2017 Quarter saw a surplus of $1 billion.

Wagner said the Government and the council were taking the rebuild opportunity to modernise the city, such as making use of the Avon River and public spaces, promoting new civic and private buildings whilst incorporating modern design.

She remains optimistic about the future, “Our population’s increasing, our economy is growing, jobs are developing. It’s pretty hard to say it was wrong when all the indicators are going in the right direction,” she added.

The forecast of the rebuild program by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand suggests that $40 billion of construction work will be carried out during the period, including $32 billion for residential and commercial construction and about $7 billion for infrastructure.

181 people were killed in the Christchurch earthquake occurred on 22 February 2011. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority was formed by the government as an immediate response to the disaster.




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