$5m land remediation for Christchurch Metro Sports Facility

Due to asbestos, hazardous material, liquefaction risk and other lands issues, a $5 million land remediation project will be carried out for the $300 million Metro Sports Facility. A rebuild agency boss has recently admitted that the land was “not exactly the best site” for a sports facility.

Leighs Cockrom Joint Venture and Protranz have been performing decontamination and repairing work since last October. Contractors will drive between 6000 and 9000 concrete piles, between 50cm and 1 metre in diameter, into the ground.

“The difficulty is it’s not exactly the best site to build this type of facility on”, Otakaro Chief Executive Albert Brantley said. He explained that the central city would be a better location for the sports centre.

Christchurch Construction

“It’s probably going to be one of the largest, if not the largest, [remediation] project in New Zealand,” he added.

The sports centre is located by St Asaph Street, Antigua Street and Moorhouse Avenue. It was one of the Government’s priority projects and is now expected to be completed by early 2020, three years later than the planned deadline.

Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister Nicky Wagner explained the site was chosen because of its convenient location. “While the land required significant remediation, the Government has taken a long-term view,” she said.

Swimming Canterbury West Coast board chairman Wayne Rollinson welcomed the construction, “[Metro Sports] will just be a fantastic facility when it’s finished,” he said.

The sports centre features a 10-lane, 50 metre swimming pool, with a 1000-seat spectator. It also includes a 10 metre diving tower and the largest leisure pool in the country. 40,000 customers are expected to visit the new sports centre on average.


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