Composite Fibreglass Service Riser Flooring is Revolutionising Multi-Storey Construction Projects in London, Here’s Why…

The multi-storey Construction sector in London is booming. With more than 400 towers either in planning, approved, under construction or complete, it’s never been more important for designers and contractors to make sure they are choosing the right materials for their projects.
Composite materials and processes are at the heart of the UK’s future manufacturing strategy and have become the number one choice for a vast range of applications in recent years. One area which has shown phenomenal growth is the use of composites for Floor and Service Risers.
Riser voids – the openings left to accommodate mechanical and electrical services on multiple floors of a building, are widely acknowledged to be a major health and safety issue on any construction site, and can provide real challenges for contractors and specifiers. Over the past 12 months, Dura Composites has been working hard to try to influence the way the construction industry approaches the design, build and use of risers – to help minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls of construction site personnel and building equipment and debris.
Dura Composites is committed to innovation, and during 2016, the company has been expanding its Dura Grating riser offering to create a safe, easy to install and adaptable support system which is compatible with Deck Joint Deck Box GRP Risers – and which will be officially launched at this year’s London Build Expo on stand H20.
The products are suitable for installation at any multi-storey construction project, regardless of whether the building under construction consists of a metal frame or is being constructed from reinforced concrete. Use of the bespoke cast-in-place and/or post-fix perimeter frame design ensures the ultimate safety requirements are met, and that Dura Grating can be easily adapted to suit mechanical and electrical services.
By choosing high-strength structural composite fibreglass Dura Grating, contractors can eliminate the need for expensive or cumbersome solutions such as steel grating risers or scaffolding, or less safe temporary plywood covers which have a high failure rate and require a time consuming daily inspection by the supervisor nominated for that area.
When used as Riser Flooring, one of the main advantages of Dura Grating is that it can be installed as soon as the structural slab is laid without the worry of having to pre-cut all the openings for services. Dura Grating has a high slip resistance, excellent durability and allows the risk of falls from height to be controlled from the outset. Lightweight, the product can be easily cut on site with a hole saw or a jigsaw without the need for hot works permits and is easily positioned, preventing any debris falling through.
Dura Composites has also recently launched BIM Objects for its Service Riser Dura Grating products. For more information on our BIM objects, contact the Dura Composites team today on 01255 423601 or visit our stand H20 at this year’s London Build.
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