The boom in construction has been felt across by a lot of Eastern Australian – namely in the housing industry, particularly in Sydney. As a result, there has been a significant surge in the demand for construction workers. The construction companies have become somewhat desperate, so much that they decided to adopt the methods they would not have used in the past to attract the talent. Namely recruiting overseas candidates without local experience and even offering a sign-on bonus. In order to employ more workers in a shorter period of time, the hiring procedure is also simplified that only one round of interview will be conducted . Counter offers are greatly used now so as to retain the professionals—they are given many offers simultaneously in a bid to retain much-needed staff.

The reason for the soar in demand for construction labour, skilled professionals and tradespeople in particular, is due to the increasing number of housing and infrastructure projects, especially in eastern states. According to ABS figures, there were 53,800 people who joined the construction sector over the past two years until November last year; of which 40,000 concentrated in New South Wales. Site managers, forepersons across all aspects of construction, project managers and site administrators are in high demand in New South Wales because of a massive pipeline of residential, commercial and civil projects.

Benefiting from increasing number of apartment projects, there will be more work in commercial building and expansion of shopping centre outlets in Queensland. General residential floorpersons, contract administrators, site managers, commercial project managers and finishers forepersons are in high demand in this region.

The boost to the construction market in Western Australia is not seen on the same level in Eastern Australia. However, employers are still looking for full-time workers to deal with a decent pipeline of work. It is also expected that there will be greater use of temporary recruitment. Professionals with high-rise experience are particularly in demand due to the growth in more complicated highrise projects.

In South Australia, candidates that the builders look for are those who can increase their competitiveness in order to win projects. Civil construction managers are on their top priority for the upcoming infrastructure projects. In order to win large health projects, the builders are also desperate for senior project directors with health experience.

Different professionals in the construction industry will also gather at Sydney Build Expo 2016.

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