The green building industry stands at a crossroads following the roll out of LEED v4 this past month.  This new version of LEED presents numerous questions for green building professionals and developers and there is interest amongst many to have those questions answered quickly and definitively so that we can make a smooth transition to the new ambitious standard.

To help the industry address some of the uncertainties, Earth Day Initiative is working with the USGBC and GBCI to pull together a succinct and informative guide and tip sheet to assist green building professionals in understanding, implementing, and documenting the new LEED v4 requirements.  The guide will be the latest version of Earth Day Initiative’s leading green building publication, Lessons Learned.

“We’re eager to assist the building industry to get over the hump when it comes to adapting to this new version of LEED,” says John Oppermann, Executive Director of Earth Day Initiative and green residential real estate specialist.  “We want to help ensure that the uncertainties and complications of moving to a more ambitious standard don’t act as a deterrent to people pursuing green building projects.  If we can assist people in understanding the changes, we hope that people will readily and enthusiastically move forward to a higher level of sustainability in the built environment.”

Visit Earth Day Initiative’s website to sign up to receive a free version of Lessons Learned: LEED v4 when it becomes available at the beginning of the year.  In addition, you can download for free all past eight versions of the Lessons Learned publication.

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