Fletchers Construction, NZ’s largest builder is actively recruiting staff from London to fill vacancies due to the recent building boom.

Fletcher are holding a large recruitment drive in London on July 28 alongside Immigration New Zealand and a local recruitment company. The recent surge in construction work has seen huge demands placed on the construction workforce, many companies are now looking overseas to try and fill the gap.

Graham Darlow, Chief Executive of Fletcher Construction, believes that the working lifestyle in New Zealand can attract more people to join.

“We can’t beat the salaries on offer in Dubai and elsewhere but we believe our offering is world-beating. This is the best place in the world to raise a family. Our schools and universities are world class. You can walk to a beach from just about anywhere. There’s skiing, mountain climbing and tramping within driving distance- most importantly, we’re a safe place,” Darlow added.

“What we need is for the Kiwi families from England, Scotland and Wales to get on the phone to their relative in the building trade back home and say, ‘get over here, it’s a great place to live and we need you’.”

The announcement of major projects in the country, including the New Zealand International Convention Centre and Auckland’s City Rail Link has helped fuel the need to invite over skilled workers.

Fletcher Construction is worth $9 billion in market capitalisation with 20,000 employees.

Some of the advertised jobs on the website include Commercial Bay Superintendent, Waikato-based Project Manager, Site Supervisor at Auckland International Airport, Waikato Communications Adviser, Auckland-based Bid Writer and Site Manager for a new supermarket in Christchurch.

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