Concrete has become a major factor in the construction industry over the last one hundred years, it has also more recently become a product that can be a decorative part of any building. The recent building boom seen across Sydney and Auckland have made concrete a more versatile and valuable product than ever before. More residential and commercial buildings are using concrete in ways that have not been seen before.

Floorex Products are at the forefront of the concrete floor preparation equipment in Australia and New Zealand. As a long established company they have been providing machines to Grind and Polish concrete for many years. Their innovative products allow you to remove glues and coatings and to Scarify and Shotblast concrete. Floorex has a wide range of equipment, including every kind of machine for preparing concrete floors including Screed mixing stations and pumps and Floor Stripping machines and Coating Application tools.

To see just how wide their range of specialist machines and tools are, check them out at Auckland Build or call into their new office in Auckland: 129 Captain Springs Road Auckland office and prepare yourself for equipment that is tough.

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