What opportunities do you forecast for the UK construction industry over the next 1-2 years?

Over the next 1-2 years Flowcrete UK is expecting the nation’s construction industry to go ever greener! This is one of our key priorities at Flowcrete UK and we’re devoted to sustainability and developing environmentally friendly flooring solutions.

Just recently, as more reactors are switched over to bio fuels and are switched off during low demand periods, we’ve moved away from using PFA (Pulverised Fly Ash – a recycled filler from coal fired electricity generating plants which is widely used in the cement industry) and have introduced to the market successful formulations that utilise alternative materials.

All our ecologically focused flooring systems are geared up to assist architects and specifiers qualify for Green Building credits through initiatives such as BREEAM and LEED®.

In addition, we are also forecasting that several crucial areas of the commercial and industrial sectors will grow, in particular the retail, rail works and energy markets. The Floorzone package will be at the front-end of this as an all-in-one green solution, that can be sourced from one supplier, with one point of contact and under one manufacturer’s warranty.

The Floorzone concept includes highly decorative resin finishes such as the seamless resin terrazzo Mondéco range, environmentally friendly screeds, the ultra-energy efficient Isowarm underfloor heating system and even the noise reducing Isocrete Acoustic K-foam.

As flooring experts, what latest innovations are you working on and where do you see the flooring industry going? 

Flowcrete UK is constantly reviewing our flooring range to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the contemporary construction industry across a variety of market sectors as well as looking forward to future proof our solutions.

A specific product development that we foresee over the coming years is an intensification of the need for sustainable yet high quality building materials. It is becoming ever more vital for architects to consider the long term environmental ramifications of their choices for a variety of reasons, including client expectations, the desire to attain green standards and the growing importance of green asset values.

Constructing buildings according to green principles is forcing suppliers to examine every product through an environmentally friendly lens. This can mean changing significant aspects of the product and how it is provided, such as finding ways to remove toxic substances, reducing packaging, streamlining transportation and minimising waste sent to landfills.

Are you experiencing a higher demand for new design from your clients?

The industry is always evolving and our clients are always looking for the latest technologies and solutions. In order to meet these demands we’re always looking to develop our solutions to ensure that they meet the construction industry’s complex requirements. This means that we constantly evaluate our finishes, screeds and subfloor components to get the perfect balance of functionality and application practicality while limiting any environmental impact.

We understand that you recently had a product launch, can you tell us some more?

Service levels and new product innovations are key objectives to strengthen Flowcrete UK’s long-term business bank. As part of this process, we’ve just introduced several newly launched products to our network of contractors, in order to provide them with the information and the proper training, both technically and practically, that is required to successfully install these systems.

Product launches are important events for us, as it keeps us developing new products and reformulations and gives us the opportunity to showcase them to the industry while gaining feedback from the end-users and from contractors, which is an important aspect of our business growth and innovation plans.

This month Flowcrete UK launched four brand-new products:

  • Flowfresh HF LT
  • Aqualock OneCoat
  • Isocrete Screedfast Flex
  • Flowflex Joint Sealant

In addition, we have recently reformulated our self-levelling screeds to provide a number of enhanced properties, including being even quicker to mix and apply, cutting down on dusting during mixing as well as improving its curing process, finish, flatness and stability at low temperatures.

To find out more about these products please visit our website: www.flowcrete.co.uk or visit us at stand E41.

With increased investment coming to the north of England, how will North England Build help to position your presence in the market?

Flowcrete UK is committed to expanding its presence within the nation’s construction market so that it becomes the go-to source for flooring expertise and excellence.

By exhibiting at North England Build, we will be extending our brand awareness, showcasing our product ranges and publicly introducing new solutions to the market. Hopefully we will have the chance to meet a high number of VIPs attending from across the construction industry, whether this is architects, engineers or main contractors and in particular in the Meet The Buyers VIP. We’re also expecting to see a strong participation from a wide variety of market sectors from across the North of England, such as education, health, leisure, food & drink and retail.

Flowcrete will be exhibiting at North England Build Expo. To gain your free ticket, please visit www.northenglandbuildexpo.com.

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