A key trend in Australia’s construction industry is environmental protection and sustainable building. Last year, the Australian green building industry topped in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey. With the Australian sector and the New Zealand sector scoring 69 points, it is 69 points from Aussies and Kiwis against average of 56 points in global competition.

The meeting was held by the Green Building Council of Australia to usher in significant changes that broadened membership to trade associations and signalled a leaner, more efficient organization.

The report ranked the real estate market of Australia as the global green leader. Investors are factoring data on energy efficiency and sustainability into their decision-making. It is evident that long-term investors are increasingly adopting environmental, social and governance principles for risk management.

Good Environmental Choice Australia’s (GECA) is a key organisation in this movement, as the only non-profit multi-sector eco-labelling program in Australia. Kate Harris, former CEO of Centre for Sustainability Leadership, has been appointed as the new CEO of GECA to focus on building relationships. This is part of their new strategic mission to become a leader for sustainable production and increasingly promote sustainability to businesses across Australia, through greater collaboration with other eco-labellingorganisations.

Gordon Renouf, Chair of GECA has expressed that “with her vision, passion for sustainability and
leadership qualities Kate is the perfect choice”. Kate Harris will be speaking at the Building Solutions & Sustainable Building Workshop on day two of the Sydney Build Expo, to discuss the alternative futures for infrastructure in Australia.

Kate Harris, who is also a scheduled guest speaker at the Sydney Build Expo, believes that frugal innovation is the future of Australia’s construction sector.

This term originates from India and refers to the re-using, re-claiming and re-purposing of building materials for construction, rather than continuously using new resources.

Harris also views frugal innovation to encompass a shift towards more economic utilization of space for residential properties, such as communal living arrangements. She emphasizes how these changes will lead to many significant benefits to cut costs while increasing sustainability.

Kate Harris is also a scheduled guest speaker at the Sydney Build 2016 Expo along with other conference and workshop speakers.
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