It’s on the way….State Highway Extension is Coming Soon

Due to the unstable weather, the first stage of the Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Wellsford Road of National Significance will begin in three months. The 18.5km state highway 1 motorway between Pūhoi and Warkworth will extend the four-lane Northern Motorway from the Johnstone’s Hill tunnels to just north of Warkworth. It is the second arrangement after the Transmission Gully motorway project in Wellington. A total cost of $709.5 million is expected.

The Northern Express Group equity partners in the consortium include Accident Compensation Corporation, Public Infrastructure Partners II LP (managed by Morrison & Co PIP), Acciona Concessiones SL, and Fletcher Building.

60 per cent of the logging works, as well as 70 per cent of the vegetation clearing works, had been completed in the forestry area by the end of May, the group said.

“We have also undertaken significant fencing work to mark the designation boundary and ensure neighbouring properties can continue farming operations.”

“Despite a wet couple of months, the team has made good progress with the early works for the project and we’re on target for major earthworks to start in early October.”

Jamie Colquhoun, Northern Zone superintendent, said the scale of the job is remarkable. “We have to move 7,000,000 cubic metres of earthworks- that’s about 450,000 truck loads. We have to build over 100 erosion and sediment control ponds and 41 gully and culvert installations in terrain ranging from flat to very steep.”

In November 2016, the Northern Express Group (NX2) signed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Transport Agency marking the start of the journey. The Group is obligated to finance, design, construct, manage and maintain the Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway for 25 years after the planned five-year building period. The public sector will retain the full ownership of the highway and will be available to traffic in late 2021.