With structural works below ground level completing later this month, Queen’s Wharf and the new Riverside Studios are starting to take shape above ground too.

Spring has well and truly arrived in Hammersmith, bringing a renewed sense of life and vitality to the tranquil Queen’s Wharf site on the Surrey Bend of the Thames. Work at this unspoiled riverside site continues at a pace, all set against the sun-scattered backdrop of the majestic River Thames.

At ground level, construction work has begun in earnest on the seven residential cores that will house Queen’s Wharf’s elegant apartments. At the site’s southern edge, the two blocks overlooking the Thames and the development’s new riverside walkway have been completed to their second floors, with secondary structures including lift shafts and stairwells already in place. Work is currently underway to complete a third residential core to the same level.

Structural building work below ground level will be completed later this month, with the lower basement already finished and work on the upper basement progressing quickly. Progress here has already allowed for the removal of much of the temporary support propping around the basement structure, and for the structures of some of Riverside Studios’ world-class amenities to begin to take shape. These include the centre’s 200 seat cinema, a state-of-the-art screening facility being constructed in a ‘box within a box’ design to achieve high acoustic performance. It’s just one of a multitude of leading-edge facilities that will be on the doorstep for Queen’s Wharf residents as part of this remarkable, future-facing multi-arts complex.

Once completed, Queen’s Wharf and Riverside Studios will offer a unique, quintessentially British lifestyle by the river within easy reach of Central London.

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