No business is without its challenges and for tradespeople, finding regular work can be tricky. Traditional advertising methods like directories can generate lots of leads at the same time, or none at all. Both of these have their faults, especially if the work’s coming in and you’re having to turn it down because you can’t fit it in.

When you’re relying on word of mouth, it’s also all too easy to go months on end without a break if you’re unsure about where your next jobs are coming from. When you’re busy on a job, you’re not free to source new opportunities or follow up with a homeowner about their job. The challenge then becomes securing the next job and managing existing relationships with customers.

As the UK’s leading online marketplace connecting homeowners with tradespeople, Rated People exists to make these things easier. We do the marketing to get those new jobs in so you don’t have to. Not only do you save your own time and the hassle of maintaining your own website, but you get access to regular home improvement job leads all year round – meaning you’re not spending money to advertise yourself with no guaranteed return.

Our site connects homeowners with quality local tradespeople. Over 1,000,000 homeowners post the home improvement jobs they need doing every year and we send them to over 50,000 tradespeople with matching trades and locations. From fixing a leaky tap to building that dream extension – we have skilled tradespeople registered to more than 30 different trade types, working to make that a reality.

Benefits of using a site Rated People to find regular, local work

  1. Be in complete control – no waiting for the phone to ring

As a tradesperson, you get a never ending supply of homeowner job leads all year round with a homeowner and tradesperson marketplace. You’ll select your preferences so that you only receive leads which match the options you’ve selected, like your trade, skills and location. Once you’re in contact with a homeowner, you can provide a quote for the work and manage the relationship.

Instead of waiting for the phone to ring, you can take control of when you work, dipping in and out of the site you’re using as you please. Some marketplaces will have their own apps, where you can pick up new job leads on the move. If you’re on a tea break, it’s easy to look for a new job lead close by and arrange to quote on your way home.

  1. Grow your reputation

Review sites act like digital word of mouth. Look for one where you get your own profile to help advertise your business to homeowners. When a profile has its own URL, it’ll show up in Google – handy for when homeowners are looking for tradespeople in your area.

  1. Homeowner reviews will win you more work

Building up positive homeowner reviews is key to securing more work. Once you’ve completed a job, ask a homeowner for a rating. Where this works best is when your potential customers can see your ratings on your profile to help them decide who to hire. Building up reviews will help convince them that you’re both trustworthy and skilled and that they should hire you for their project.

  1. Grow your own customer database

Every time you buy a job lead and secure a homeowner’s details, you’ve made a new connection. Once you’ve completed a job, that homeowner has your details and is likely to get in touch with you if they need something else done in the future. You can often go on to do multiple jobs for the same customer from that one job lead.

  1. Save money with personal and business offers

Online marketplaces may offer you more than just job leads. Make sure you’re getting the most for your money, looking for offers to help you save money professionally and personally, whether that be on insurance or drinks at the local pub.

If you’re a tradesperson wanting to find out how Rated People can help your business, head to