New app Tradee Shortens The Hiring Process For Clients

Sharing the same aspiration to provide the honest, reliable and skilled tradespeople in the marketplace, four young men are now working on a new trading app, Tradee. Their vision is for the tradesperson hiring process to be solved efficiently and practically.

It is the perfect time for tradee to launch, as the New Zealand housing market is seeing a significant boom. The house prices is expected to rise with 30,000 properties waiting to be built, one third of them are located in Auckland.

Nik Ellisn, the founder, has previously run several online businesses with over half million dollars revenue. Alexandre Vaz, also the founder, has graduated from AUT with a Degree in Economics and Finance. AJ Brown, another team member, is a self-taught coder. He is also active in developing mobile and web apps for his own projects in the past few years. The last team member, Omer Hazer, paused his engineering studies at the University of Waikato to join the business. He was in a group of five to create a web platform allowing brands to connect with social media celebrities ro promote their products.

Hazer is optimistic about the future. “Our hopes for this company in the following 12 months is to become the leading platform for Kiwis to find and hire tradespeople efficiently. In the next 12 months after that, we plan on expanding overseas and eventually disrupt the whole tradesperson hiring industry in the world.” he added.

Vaz explained the barriers facing in the industry, such as increasing construction cost and narrowed availability of help, is due to the process to hire qualified tradespeople through an agency. “Kiwis prefer interacting with people over business, so using the Sharing Economy model, Tradee enables clients to speak directly with their local tradesman workforce themselves, hugely deflating the price for their time and increasing the availability of their help,” he said.

The Tradee beta app is now available to the public in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free.