Hailed as New Zealand’s tallest building, Sky Tower is stepping into its 20th year since its opening.

The iconic landmark is an unmissable sight in the Auckland skyline and has attracted over 15 million tourists in the past 15 years. Not only is it a must-see attraction, but it is also frequently lit up during seasonal holidays and festivities.

Celebrating two decades of success, Sky Tower’s lighting controls will be open to the public for free for the very first time. Visitors will be able to project a wide selection of coloured laser beams, including an eye-catching rainbow swirl. In the past years, the tower has featured red and green colours for Christmas, rainbow designs for Auckland’s pride festival and black and white beams for national sports teams such as Black Caps. In the same way, visitors will be able to choose their symbolic colours in dedication to specific people and causes.

Beneath its grand facade, Sky Tower was a groundbreaking project that was met with its own challenges.

Made from 15.000 cubic metres of concrete and close to 3000 tonnes of steel, it features Builders Fletcher Construction’s pioneering ‘Jumpform’ construction model which contains an elevated foundation. However, builders were unable to follow through with its proposed ‘satin finish’, which caused public disapproval.

On 3 August 1997, Sky Tower launched its first laser show, which boasted 360 degree views of Auckland and 80 kilometres of stunning landscape into Leigh Peninsula and Waitakere Ranges.

The Tower has attracted world-class celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé and Beyoncé, who have either walked around or taken a leap from the bungy jump platform. It is also home to SkyJump, SkyWalk and two restaurants.

In view of Sky Tower’s huge success in the past two decades, it is clear that its 20th anniversary line-up will not disappoint.