Michael Daley, Deputy NSW Labor Leader, said this was the worst project he has seen in his 20 years of public life. In his opinion, the contractors were not to blame, and Premier Gladys Berejiklian rushed her pet project that normally would take 2 years to plan. “If the Government had done its homework there would be no dispute,” said Opposition Leader Luke Foley.

Acciona claims that NSW Government made misrepresentations about the utilities in the lead-up to the signing of the contracts, “Every time the contractor digs a hole there is something underneath the ground that they weren’t told about,” says Daley. Overall it led to additional $1 billion in cost, potentially making it the world’s most pricey light rail project.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance, on the other hand, has called the subcontractor’s claims “ridiculous”, saying he is an angry customer and they need to “get on with it”.

“We are furious it’s not being delivered at the pace it should be,” he said. “I cannot express strongly enough the NSW Government’s disappointment and exasperation at Acciona’s unacceptable conduct.”, “We will throw the book at them in terms of this contract. We are not going to muck around.”

Regardless of the decision of the Court, the project is already running behind the schedule by months and the completion of The CBD East Light Rail will be most definitely delayed to the frustration of many residents and businesses.

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