Politicians and labor groups want the city to classify the skyrocketing number of construction site deaths, accidents and injuries in the recent building boom based on whether they are at union or nonunion job sites.

Amid competition between union and nonunion companies over the same building contracts, advocates have long argued that union workers are safer and more skilled — but a lack of stats about which kind of job sites incidents are happening on makes those claims hard to confirm.

“Tracking it may actually be helpful in finding out what’s actually going on,” said Councilman Jumaane Williams, who chairs the Committee on Housing and Buildings.

“I think that it could give us data on who’s safe and who isn’t.”

EXCLUSIVE: Building boom sees spike in construction deaths

As construction has boomed over the past two years, the rates of accidents, injuries, deaths, building violations and stop-work orders have followed suit.

In 2015, there were 433 accidents and 471 injuries on worksites, with both figures about twice as high as in the previous year, according to the Department of Buildings.

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