Auckland dominated construction for both residential and commercial construction as NZ building activities continue to grow for a fifth quarter in the March period.

Volume of residential activity rose 5.5 percent and commercial for 5 percent.

In the same period, the comparison in increase is significant than that of the March quarter last year.

Building work in Auckland alone accounted for 35 percent of the value of overall work in New Zealand. ”Auckland residential construction topped $1 billion for the first time in the March 2016 quarter, with another half-billion of non-residential work,” business indicators senior manager Neil Kelly said.

It has been an on-going struggle for Auckland to keep pace with a rapidly-increasing population, even for being the country’s biggest city. The increasing demands for housing has not been satisfied though there were 9353 new residential building consents for Auckland in the year throughout April, it is still insufficient with less than the 13,000 needed to meet the growing population.

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