The demand for knowledge workers is increasing across New Zealand as employers recruit these highly-skilled professionals to add immediate value and adapt to the rapidly changing and digitising world of work.

Of the new jobs added to the latest Hays Quarterly Report of skills in demand (for October to December 2016), the recruiter says “almost all” require knowledge workers, particularly those who are technologically savvy.

“A growing number of knowledge-intensive jobs are now available, but there is often a shortage of suitably skilled, experienced and educated candidates for these roles,” says Jason Walker, Managing Director of Hays in New Zealand.

“These include financial analyst, architecture, structural engineering, corporate commercial solicitor and digital project manager jobs, all of which require highly-skilled professionals who perform non-routine tasks. Layer this with the ever-increasing need for technology and digital skills across most job functions and the talent pool is tightening,” he said.

Candidates with these skills are known as ‘knowledge workers’ because they require a large amount of knowledge to succeed in the role. They are highly skilled and experienced and use their extensive technical expertise to think of the right solution to the issue at hand.

This is supported by findings from the Hays Global Skills Index, which in New Zealand found that there is a widening talent mismatch between the skills candidates possess and those employers require.

Via Hays. Read the full article here.

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