Resilience of the Built Environment

22 June 2016
BRE Visitor Centre at Ravenscraig 10am-3pm
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BRE Seminar

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There is a growing realisation in both Government and the private sector that the built environment is struggling to cope with a world that is changing rapidly with social, technological, environmental, economic and political challenges.  As a consequence there is an urgent need to address current governmental and market failings and implement policies, systems and solutions to create a resilient built environment for the future by:

  • Strengthening the built environment to better resist stress from both short term shocks and long term change
  • Improving the built environment’s capacity to bounce back rapidly from impacts

The consequences of climate change are recognised world-wide and have been highlighted in the UK by recent extreme weather and flooding events, putting it high on the political agenda.  However, there are many other facets to resilience such as population growth, urbanisation, energy security, resource depletion, crime and security, all with complex interdependencies, so the market need and opportunity is broad.

This seminar will report on progress being made in a number of research projects that are supported by the BRE Trust and industry in the resilience of the built environment.  A number of the projects focus on climate resilience to flooding, wind and overheating, but resilience also includes aspects of resources (e.g. energy supply) and community response.

Event programme

Resilience – the challenges and the means to manage risks

Climate resilience:

  • Extreme wind events and resilience of assets
  • Tackling overheating in urban dwellings
  • Flood resilient repair of property

Resilient futures:

  • Mapping and evaluating community resilience
  • Energy resilience
  • Security for buildings and communities
  • Building resilience to natural disasters

City resilience index tool

Resilience workshops

Tour of the Innovation Park

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