A new system for submitting building standards applications is due to go live on Wednesday, 24 August.

The eBuildingStandards.scot service will enable the electronic submission of applications for building warrants and other related forms, such as completion certificates. It will also allow multiple site users to collaborate in producing any single application online.

Online applications will be simpler, will save applicants time and money, and will be delivered to councils quicker.

To ensure that councils maximise the benefits of electronic submissions, the authority has developed an in-house system to deliver stamped approved plans automatically via e-mail, which is both a step-change in electronic working within the department, but also within Scotland. This system is now being utilised by other local authorities such as Glasgow and Dundee.

eBuildingStandards.scot will be accessed through the eDevelopment.scot home page – a new single landing page leading to both the new eBuilding Standards service and also to the ePlanning service.

There is a single eDevelopment.scot login process, so if you are already registered on ePlanning.scot, you will be able to use the same login details for eBuildingStandards.scot.

Councillor Alan Moir, convener of development and regeneration, said: “The new national ePlanning portal has been a real success. Any efforts to improve the planning and development service – and experience of users – are most welcome.

“Applications will be streamlined, saving time and expense, and enabling councils to start considering applications sooner.”

Via Scottish Housing News. View original article here.