Two of Scotland’s leading data centre providers, brightsolid and DataVita, today announced a partnership that will create a critical digital infrastructure, improving communications and cloud accessibility for businesses across Scotland.

This partnership closes a digital divide between the two largest economic areas, with DataVita located in the west central belt and brightsolid located in Aberdeen and Dundee.

This partnership enables faster collaboration and sharing across the country from two of the largest cities in Scotland with faster access to data and greater diversity in communications at a lower overall cost.

Both organisations aim to enable customers to easily mix traditional IT infrastructure with on-demand cloud native services.

Richard Higgs, CEO of brightsolid says: “This partnership with DataVita delivers a critical digital infrastructure for Scotland to help equality in communications.

“This new infrastructure enables us to close a digital divide by providing businesses of all sizes and security compliance with secure data, cloud and communication services with value for money, collaboration and environmental benefit in mind.

“DataVita shares our flexible, personable approach to business as well as our green outlook to data centre operation. DataVita are the only other data centre in the country that meet our quality assurance. Their facility really blew me away and they operate to ISO standards which is absolutely key as security and operational excellence is at the heart of everything we do. ”

Gareth Lush, Commercial Director at DataVita says: “Being selected by brightsolid as their data centre partner in central Scotland is a real endorsement for DataVita.  Quality and security are our priority at every level and partnering with brightsolid means our service offering is now completely unique.

“The collaboration means increased security and connectivity with greater access to data and cloud services for our customers.

“The combined network means customers have more choice and diversity in their communications, super high speed access and a latency of less than 2 milliseconds.“

brightsolid and DataVita hold ISO 27001 and Tier III accreditations with multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, putting them at the highest tier of data centre accreditation achieved in Scotland.

brightsolid deliver private and Azure certified hybrid cloud. Their flexible pick and mix approach is unique for every customer, but still very affordable as savings made through energy efficiencies and innovative application of technologies are passed on to customers.


News Source: Bright Solid

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