Up to 1600 people will be needed to build the railway when construction peaks, the Government has estimated. But the construction industry is already struggling to find enough workers to keep up with existing demands.

Auckland Council said the rail link could provide opportunities for people who were new to the workforce or not currently employed.

The City Rail Link (CRL) is New Zealand’s biggest infrastructure project and will involve the construction of a 3.5km, electrified, double-track rail tunnel underneath Auckland’s city centre, between the Britomart Transport Centre and the Western Line, connecting just to the west of Mount Eden Railway Station.

CRL spokeswoman Carol Greensmith said it would not be clear until the contract for the tunnel and stations was awarded in 2018 how many workers would need to be migrants.

“However our tender documents will ask bidders to show/tell us how they propose to meet our social sustainability objectives. We will work with them to help achieve these goals. We are also working with the trades training sector and other agencies focussed on getting people into employment to support these objectives. We also are working to prepare them for what will be required.”

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