The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has recently released new design guidelines to integrate NYCHA properties into a larger community and reduce their environmental impact.

The aim of the design guidelines is to focus on the four main functional areas of building regeneration, Site, Building Exteriors, Building Interiors and Mechanical Systems, and encourage all architects and engineers working on the NYCHA Buildings to work toward 3 main goals: the health & safety of residents; environmental impact; and achieving high-quality, cost-effective design & construction.

This will require close collaboration across a number of groups, not just between architects, engineers and general contractors, but also further along the supply chain.

There will be an impetus on material providers to work with NYCHA and their customers, providing clarity on how their products adhere to these new guidelines, especially as the industry continues to show significant progress and innovation.

Speaking on the behalf of AkzoNobel, Ben Mitchell, the Extrusion Coating Sales and Marketing Manager, said, “The state-of-the-art chemical compositions of contemporary coatings options are helping architectural finishes meet the service life expectations of the contemporary buildings. With population growth and interest in urban density and vertical living at an all-time high, this development comes just in time to ensure that the buildings of the 21st century outperform their 20th century predecessors.”

The introduction of such innovative products is key in meeting NYCHA’s latest guidelines. However, to ensure its goals are met, all relevant parties must come together and facilitate open discussion.

As such, events such as New York Build 2017 are of increasing importance. Thousands of architects, engineers, suppliers, general contractors and government bodies will descend upon the Javits Center on March 15th & 16th for New York Build 2017. The event will host NYCHA talks in its free-to-attend conference, and will facilitate a plethora of high-level networking opportunities, and offer the chance to view the latest developments in the industry.

To sign up for a free ticket, click here.

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