May 18, 2016

In just three years, NYC housing lottery applications have increased six-fold

The severity of NYC’s affordable housing crisis becomes more and more transparent as the number of applications being received for housing lotteries spikes. Officials have said that Housing Connect, the city’s affordable housing assistance site, is receiving so many applications that the odds of landing one of the affordable apartments are now about 1,000 to 1.

More than 2,600 affordable apartments have become available online this year alone, but Housing Commissioner Vicki Been stated at a City Council meeting that the units have drawn more than 2.54 million applications. That’s a drastic increase from 2013, when only 364,000 applications were received for approximately 2,300 units. When asked about the severe rise, Been told the New York Post, “It’s just a sign of the seriousness of the crisis.”

Housing Connect is in the process of updating its system to weed out ineligible applicants who don’t meet the lottery’s income guidelines. The lottery already excludes units that have been reserved for prioritized groups that include seniors, candidates for supportive housing, and the former homeless. Perhaps streamlining the system to filter out unqualified applicants will improve the odds for everyone else.
The odds of landing affordable housing in NYC are 1,000 to 1 [New York Post]

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