Growing rates of urbanization are resulting in more new buildings springing up on plots of land that are susceptible to vibration. Unless appropriate action is taken, these buildings are defenseless against the structure-borne noise generated in their immediate environments — unwanted and occasionally even unacceptably severe vibrations are the result. Secondary airborne noise levels also rise as the vibrations impact elements such as the walls or ceilings. External factors such as these have an unfailingly adverse effect on the living and working environment inside the building.

Individual vibration solutions from Getzner provide buildings with a highly efficient form of decoupling and protection against disruptive shocks and vibrations. Sylomer® and Sylodyn® combine all the properties needed to provide effective elastic shielding of buildings. These materials provide exceptional long-term elastic properties, which has been proven in case studies and through independent investigations carried out by external testing institutes. Structures below groundwater level present a particular challenge to elastic materials. Sylodyn®, Getzner’s closed-cell polyurethane material, maintains performance while submerged in water, allowing it to serve as the perfect elastic decoupling solution, even for buildings in pressurized groundwater. With Sylomer® and Sylodyn®, planners have at their disposal technical elastic bearing materials that permit a variety of different designs such as, full-surface bearing of buildings using side mats, strip bearing of buildings, or point bearing of buildings.

There are plenty of benefits when combining Getzner’s technical expertise with their high performing material. Getzner’s tailored solutions provide protection against vibrations in buildings and reduction in sound radiation entering buildings from external sources such as rail traffic, industrial complexes, and roads. This protection translates to a higher quality of living and working environments through elastic decoupling which increases market value of land and buildings. Getzner’s material provides lasting solutions for maximum comfort to shield your investment.

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