Big hearted builders working on a new luxury residential and hotel scheme in Stratford rushed to the rescue after a little duckling got separated from the rest of its family while on a stroll on the busy streets of East London.

Manhattan Loft Gardens is being built by Bouygues UK – and it was the site team that saved the duckling from the threat of oncoming traffic.

Bouygues UK staff called the RSPCA to make sure they were able to take proper care of the baby duck until the RSPCA were able to pop by and collect him.

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The lonely but lucky duckling who was rescued by staff working on the new Manhattan Loft Gardens site in Stratford (Image credit: Bouygues UK)

The site’s health and safety manager, Jon Crocombe, explained: “A mother duck and her six ducklings were crossing the road next to our site when unfortunately one of the ducklings got separated from the group. We found him alone and sad, outside the site in the gutter – at risk of oncoming traffic. We stopped the traffic and our colleague, Bogdan Parvu, who works for one of our contractors, brought the duckling onto the site for safety. We looked after the little fella until the RSPCA arrived and took him to a safe nest before trying to reunite him with his mother.”

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