SaveSorb, a super-absorbent natural peat moss-based product which cleans up and contains spills of oil, fuel, chemical and paint on land and water, is being showcased by leading safety equipment experts Onsite Support at this year’s London Build Expo on 26-27 October at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre

SaveSorb, is a highly-effective ‘hydrophobic’ chemical sorbent which naturally absorbs oil and repels water. It is made from sustainable Canadian sphagnum peat moss that is dried, sieved, treated and pH balanced.  Eco-friendly and safe to handle in its natural state, it works like a ‘super sponge’ by soaking up spillage and toxic vapours on contact and trapping the substances inside its molecular structure so that they don’t leach out into the environment, even under pressure.

SaveSorb is one of the most effective all-in-one contaminant removers on the market which can be disposed of safely, reducing expensive industrial waste management processes,” explains Chris Wellgreen, OnSite Support’s safety equipment expert. “Unlike many absorbent products which don’t retain soaked-up substances for long, this product is designed to contain and permanently absorb contaminants including heavy metals.  It is also effective in smothering fire making it extremely efficient in cleaning up highly flammable spills in emergency situations such as traffic accidents.”

Natural recycling of toxic substances

SaveSorb can be used on a wide range of hydrocarbon and chemical spills outside and in the workplace, from diesel oil, petrol and brake fluid leaks, to paint, acetone and ink.

Says Chris: “One of the big benefits of SaveSorb is that it provides a habitat for naturally occurring microbes which break-down hydrocarbons into organic carbon compounds within a relatively short time.”

OnSite Support offers SaveSorb as a loose material in bagged formats and in a variety of manufactured products from land and marine booms to absorbent mats and water filtration systems.

Some of Onsite Support’s most popular SaveSorb products are a range of oil and chemical spill kits for land and marine environments and Spill Catchers, which are designed to make spill protection for plant much easier, quicker and safer.

Click here for more information about OnSite Support’s range of SaveSorb products or visit us on STAND D89 at London Build Expo 2016, 26-27 October at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London.