How can we attract new and young talent into our industry when health and safety statistics show it is still incredibly dangerous?
Our industry continues to experience around 40 fatalities each year and more than 2,000 major accidents that incapacitate workers. On top of that, we have almost 70,000 cases of work-related illness and more than 45 per cent of all occupational cancer cases in the UK are directly related to working in construction.
We all know that a career in construction can be incredibly rewarding, but you could understand why these shocking statistics might put off young people from pursuing construction apprenticeships.
We have a duty therefore to ensure we make the industry safer, but also look after the families of those people who are suffering stress and hardship as a consequence of an injury, illness or bereavement.
Defining moment
That is where the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity comes in. Over the last six decades we have granted over £15m to more than 14,500 families in the UK and Ireland. But we need to do more, as the evidence shows we are only reaching a small percentage of those affected.
This year we celebrate our 60th anniversary and we want it to be a defining moment in our evolution. That is why we have launched our campaign: One day… to help our own.
We’re asking all 360,000 companies in the sector to take just one day of their year and make it a Lighthouse Day. Whether it’s abseils or auctions, fancy dress days or fun runs, we want to make sure everyone has fun as they raise money to help their industry colleagues.
If just 1 per cent of the construction sector register for a Lighthouse Day and raise £500 each, then we could see the charity raise £1.5m.
We receive no public financial support, so we are relying on you and our network of 21 independent, volunteer-led regional Lighthouse clubs to fund our work. The money you raise will go to families that have been affected by illness, injury or bereavement.
We also need to continue our support of education and training initiatives such as Building Lives and to get unemployed and socially disadvantaged labour back into work in construction.
Get involved
Our Health and Safety innovation fund is aimed at supporting initiatives that proactively reduce accidents and promote health initiatives on site.
To help fund this work, we have lined up a whole host of events and challenges for our 60th year.
Fancy a ride around the iconic Olympic Velodrome track? Always wanted the challenge of a 10k run in London? With your help, we can make a huge difference. What will you do to support your own?

Register for your Lighthouse Day, take a look at our fantastic events at or call 0845 609 1956 for more information.

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