The corporation has announced plans to renovate the site East of Melbourne into a sustainable, green and eco-friendly shopping mall with a Rooftop Farm.

Joost Bakker, a florist, an eco pioneer and also a designer is working with Frasers Property as a creative consultant. He will be in charge of  revamping the 2000 m2 rooftop into a urban farm- restaurant hybrid. The corporation is seeking passionate businesses to take on the tenancy and operate at the cutting edge location.

According to Bakker, the area would have a garden like vibe while also having dozens of solar panels. All organic waste of the building would be mulched for the farm to cultivate plants like cucumbers, lemon grass and herbs . The rest of the building would also be built in a sustainable fashion. For example, the concrete is majorly made of recycled content and the entire building is built using non-toxic materials. It is expected that the building will achieve the Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification where it would have zero carbon footprint, producing more water and electricity then it consumes.

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