Australia  – Minimum requirements for all new building works have been published by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) within the National Construction Code (NCC) series. The NCC covers areas such as health and safety, amenity, sustainability and accessibility. It is mandatory to comply with the NCC when undertaking new building works through its adoption into each state’s and territory’s legislation.

The requirements will be put into the construction aspects of different projects, for example, Barangaroo, as it is one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects in the world today, said to embody world-class design excellence and sustainability; NCC covers regulations for commercial, residential buildings, plumbing requirements of all buildings etc. Projects will now have to cope with the deadlines and delivery pace under the regulations from the NCC.

The NSW Government has set out to accelerate and achieve ambitious infrastructure plans in recent times. Not long ago, projects such as Sydney Metro have not been delivered until 10 or 15 years out; whereas projects now are expected to occur within the range of the next five to ten years. With $20 billion in total investment, there will be increased scrutiny on the delivery capability to ensure project risks are few and far between.

“When we’re giving advice to government on particular projects that we see coming through, this is called the Gateway Process, which is basically the external assurance we provide on how projects are being appropriately developed and delivered. We establish the linkages between different projects and identify risks around over-heating of the market or the management of congestion during construction,” Jim Betts, CEO at Infrastructure NSW explains.

We are pleased to announce Damien Hertslet, Executive Director of Construction from Lendlease who will be speaking at Sydney Build 2016 on the latest updates to the Barangaroo South project. Joining him at the event will be Ed Obiala, Project Director from Laing O’Rourke, providing an audience of main contractors, suppliers and architects within the Sydney construction sector an insight into the redevelopment of the ANZ Stadium in collaboration with BVN Architects.

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