The Rapid Pace Of Contruction May Be Slowed Down By Shortage Of Cranes

The demand for crane keeps surging with the boom in Auckland construction industry. However, the rapid development of the construction sector may be hindered by the limited number of cranes available in the market.

Crane companies keep purchasing the equipment yet it is still not sufficient to meet the market demand. The owner of Tower Cranzes NZ Julian Oxborough said the company owned 10 tower cranes now, which was 6 more than he originally planned. And his company grew from 0 to 45 staff in just two years. They bought 4 more second hand cranes from Australia to meet the demand recently and had to wait for 3 months to get new equipment in southern hemisphere due to the drastic demand. They are also encountering problems in hiring and training new people. 4 of their employees are under 20. Labour shortage issue is also addressed by the co-owner of Waikato and Auckland Cranes Tony Gibson. Nevertheless, he believed that the professional Kiwi crane operators will go back to New Zealand with the dip of the Australian mining and infrastructure sector.

With more and more large scale projects taking place in Auckland such as the State Highway 20 extension at Waterview, the International Convention Centre next to SkyCity, and the City Rail Link from Britomart to Mt Eden, the largest operator Smith Cranes and Construction is still looking for purchasing more equipment even they had over a hundred cranes already. The managing director of the company Tim Smith said Auckland would still be the area to focus on despite the booming in Christchurch construction sector. 18 out of 25 tower cranes of their company fleet were in Auckland at the moment. He however believed that there would not be a shortage for crane with equipment crossing the Tasman and new cranes available from Europe.

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