The timber industry reacts to the government’s announced boost to home construction with the Housing Infrastructure Fund; timber professionals believe that has to have a timber focus.

”If we want that many houses to be built quickly, properly, and with sustainable materials, timber is the way to go. This is even more the case with the medium rise and high density dwelling construction which will be important in Auckland,” Brian Stanley says, Woodco Chair.

He further elaborated that timber is generally available and builders are inclined and are used to using it. Advantages being affordable and light; modern timber technology also gives great thermal retention and earthquake resistant qualities.

”A not insignificant factor is that using timber for construction is environmentally beneficial, since wooden buildings continue to lock up the carbon the tress have absorbed from the atmosphere in the first place.”

”Timber ticks all the boxes and our industry is keen to talk with anyone in the construction business, architects, central and local government about how we might get on with the job.”

He says the scale and speed of house construction likely to result from the government initiative means builders in the targeted centres will want to work with materials and methods which have been well tested and are known to be reliable.

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