The number of construction trades within New Zealand is expected to grow as building booms. In the next five years, electricians, plumbers and civil engineering professionals are expected to have the largest growth. Seeing the high demand for skilled workers, the Government is allocating a further $14.4 million budget to meet with the housing and construction demand and to support the growth of the construction industry in the next four years.

The number of people in training for construction-related occupations has increased 18% from less than 32,000 in 2011 to 38,000 in 2015 through apprenticeships and industry training, Maori & Pasifika trades training, polytechnics, universities and private provides, and trade academies.

The New Zealand Institute of Highway Technology (NZIHT), whom is one of the event partners of the Auckland Build Expo 2016, is providing courses with qualification for people who want to get in the construction industry.

NZIHT was founded over 20 years ago. Owned by the Western Institute of Technology (WITT) in Taranaki, it is an organisation that specialises in the national and international delivery of skills and training across all sectors of the Roading, Engineering, Civil Construction and Oil & Gas industries. For delivery of its tertiary courses, NZIHT utilises a network of independent consultants who are experts in their respective fields.

Delivery of NZIHT’s numerous Tertiary courses is carried out in a block form format, enabling students whom are working full time to upskill themselves or potentially move onto a new career pathway without having to leave work and enter full time study.

NZIHT is continually introducing more courses and are developing additional programmes to widen their portfolio to assist industry in capability building. Each year over 2700 people across New Zealand and off shore embark on up-skilling and training with NZIHT – evidence to the value placed on professional development.

Mr. Matt Sanger, whom is a student of NZIHT and is currently working at New Plymouth District Council told us that one of the requirements of an Engineering Cadet in Reticulation at the Council is to study within the NZDE (Civil) programme and become qualified. He also suggested that the qualification would be a great starting point for people who want to enter the Civil Engineering industry and to increase opportunities to advance the career.

Feel free to contact for further details and to learn more about our partner, NZIHT.

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