London Underground Ltd (LUL) is doing a range of work for the Garden Bridge Trust to enable the Garden Bridge to land on the top of Temple tube station on the Northbank.

This is essential work which involves strengthening of the roof, enabling the construction of a new lift shaft for the north landing point, diverting cabling out of the area of construction, and foundation works.

The Trust has signed a costs agreement with LUL. This requires the Trust to meet the costs against an agreed payment schedule which will be funded by the Trust’s overall project costs. There is no requirement for extra public funds for this work.

Construction work has not been halted because it has not yet begun. The Garden Bridge Trust is now focussing on all required planning and land matters ahead of starting full construction. This includes concluding land deals with Coin Street Community Builders and on the Northbank with Westminster City Council. It is hoped these will be concluded by the end of July.

The Garden Bridge Trust is also focussing on discharging the outstanding planning conditions in Lambeth and Westminster, discharging obligations within Section 106 agreements and finalising the sequencing of river works.

Once all planning and property matters have been resolved the next phase of the London Underground work will commence and construction will begin.

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