As the construction industry continues to boom, we cannot overlook the advantages that new and advanced technologies can bring us. These include 3D concrete building, kinetic/ solar roads and self-healing concrete to name a few. Nonetheless, they currently do not seem to be emphasized enough, despite their potential to develop and greatly enhance the construction industry.

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull and the Minister of The new Cities and Built Environment Portfolio are locked in and focused on the impact of the construction sector to the economy. As the developments proceed further, they have become aware of the increasing importance of the construction sector and that new, advanced technologies must be adopted, along with smarter and more efficient construction methods.

The National Precast Concrete Association also promotes the use of smarter methods of construction such as precast concrete. The use of precast concrete enables faster build processes, allowing costs to be cut. The materials used are sustainable, low maintenance, fire safe and extremely durable; the definite traits of sustainable construction.

Partnered with Sydney Build 2016 Expo, National Precast Concrete Association is the peak body for the precast concrete industry with the mission of influencing, connecting people and knowledge and facilitating solutions for the benefit of the industry.

Jamie Briggs, the Minister for Cities and the Built Environment, will also be presenting in Sydney Build 2016 Expo as one of our top speakers.
Embracing innovation to discover new advances for efficiency from untapped areas is important to the development of the Cities and Built Environment Portfolio, as well as the global construction industry as a whole.

Sydney Build 2016 Expo also works closely with Master Builders Association of NSW to promote the developments and trends of Sydney’s construction scene. A number of their speakers will be presenting in the event as well; such as the Executive Director, Brian Seidler and the Executive Safety Officer, David Solomon.

Although still a few months away, the exhibition has already confirmed diverse content for its free conferences and workshops, as well as new product suppliers exhibiting and contributing to the construction industry. It is an event that is looking to please every related individual within the industry.

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