Speak to the National Centre for Diversity in the Skills Hub at London Build 2016 to find out how.

Picture cutting your organisation’s recruitment and retention spend, whilst at the same time increasing productivity, innovation and performance.

Picture the great PR that a diverse, valued and respected workforce will bring.

Picture having the confidence that you can shift the culture in your organisation, and that you can tangibly show your talent pool, your existing and prospective clients, and the rest of the world, how you did it.

The construction industry needs to diversify: the business case for diversifying the industry is clear. We need to foster a more fair, respectful, equal, diverse and inclusive culture.

The construction industry, as we all know, is dominated by white men at every level. According to researched collated by UCATT, the Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians, Women make up only 11% of the construction workforce and just 1% of workers on site. The lack of gender diversity in the industry is followed by a lack of ethnic diversity, the charity Business in the Community recently reported that only 3.4% of managers in the construction industry are from Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. Meanwhile, the talent pool is increasingly diverse.

Why aren’t you tapping into that potential?

So, how can you, as an industry leader, work towards diversifying the construction and engineering industries? Leadership is key: getting the senior management team of your organisation on board is absolutely essential, to bringing fairness to all across the industry.

Undertaking Leaders in Diversity is the only way to guarantee that your organisation sees a measurable improvement in behaviours, conduct, attitude, fairness and respect – so long as you own, lead and deliver on the agenda.

And fostering positive culture change in your organisation, is the first step towards industry-wide improvement. Do you want to lead the way? Speak to the National Centre for Diversity in the Skills Hub at London Build 2016.