Wanted: 32,000 people to fill jobs to help fuel Auckland’s rapid growth. Available: 23,000 16-24 year old Aucklanders not in education, employment or training.

And the money’s good – $40,000-$60,000 in many starting salaries and genuine prospects for advancement.

It seems an easy equation to solve. But a new competition, #BuildAKL, has been launched to help solve the difficulties of getting the right people into not only the right jobs but jobs essential for growth – the burgeoning construction and infrastructure industry.

It’s a sign of the times – youth unemployment is a massive problem globally and locally. Auckland is growing fast but needs 32,000 more skilled people to work in the industry by 2018. Auckland is expected to spend over $18 billion in the next decade on key capital projects and needs 400,000 more dwellings over the next 25 years.

Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development agency (ATEED) is facilitating #BuildAKL, on behalf of Auckland Council, seeking to help plug the gap by putting employers in touch with young people.

With Auckland’s boom and Christchurch’s re-build, unprecedented demand for construction workers has shattered original industry estimates 1,600 new carpenters would be needed by 2018. That has since been adjusted to over 3,000.

The rewards can be significant. Salaries can go high if young people move up the ladder. One recent example from the BCITO was a 26-year-old who had come through an apprenticeship as a builder, had become a site manager and then project manager for a $20m project after undertaking construction management training. The salary band for such a manager is about $90,000-$150,000.

Via NZ Herald. Read the full article here.

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